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Small identity for the (then) digital startup Storyspot. I designed the logotype which also became the storyspot pin used in the Storyspot app to indicate a spot where a user can listen to a story. The idea for the design, merging the shape of a thumbtack pin and a balloon sparked when Lisa Norrevik, owner and founder of Storyspot kept referring to the storyspots both as a pins and a balloons.

My role: Concept for logotype/Storyspot pin, identity design.

Tools used: Adobe Illustrator.

Storyspot website:
Storyspot app: In App Store

The client

The client

For thousands of years human beings have been using storytelling to pass knowledge from generation to generation, relate to the world and understand our history. It's only the last decade that it has been replaced by images, video and one-way communication. Ordinary people need to rediscover how to tell the story of our world.

Storyspot is bringing the tradition of storytelling back. We digitalize it and make it glocal (globalized and local at the same time). Every place has a story. If we understand what stories people and places hold, we take better care of each other and the world around us. Storyspot have the digital solution. Now it's up to you to tell the story of our world.